During the campaign to win the vote, Suffragette postcards were produced, so that women could show their support simply by posting to a friend or relative. Anti-suffrage campaigners also produced many often cruel and spiteful images to riducule the very idea of women voting, and to demean the suffragette movement.


There were hundreds of different designs published, many of which are now collector's items selling for hundreds of pounds. Designs included photographs, cartoons and blatent propaganda. Cats were often used to depict women, and dogs to symbolise men against the vote.


Here is just a selection of the postcards which were created...

Mummy's a Suffragette
No Votes No Eggs JPEG.jpg
Bumps on Head
Mustard sandwich
House that Man Built
Fifi the Militant
The Vote When They Get it
suffragette in cell
Washing Day